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Sharon Murphy is a singer, songwriter and performer who spent many years in Clifden, in the West of Ireland. She began to sing at an early age, and taught herself to play guitar.


She writes songs straight from the heart, personal songs that touch a universal chord in anybody who takes the time to listen.


Her singing voice is a truly unique sound. It's a voice that can never be described in words, a voice that, once you hear it, pulls you deep into her songs, her life, her hopes, joys and despairs.


Sharon's guitar playing is a unique blend of driving rhythmic percussive beats one moment, then delicate gentle fingerpicking the next.


Performing solo or with a band, she projects a style and a sound that goes from soul to reggae to folk to blues, all the time sounding original and real.


In concert, she is a bundle of contradictions. Serious one minute, laughing and joking the next, telling stories that turn into songs, putting everyday heartbreak under the microscope so that we can all see, and recognise ourselves in the mirror she holds before us.


















Clayton is an experienced entertainer. He has consistently been successful in coordinating various launches, team buildings, theme evenings and other show packages that his clients might require. He prides himself on partnering with his customers - creating a unique and specific formula that is ultimately more than “just entertainment”.

Clayton played the lead role in a number of theatrical productions, such as Return to the
Forbidden Planet, Buddy Holly, Grease the Stadium Spectacular and Blues Brothers (for
which he won an FNB VITA AWARD for best performer.

“Ladies and Gentlemen tonight you are all stars in your right – Tonight we’ve spared no expense as we bring you some of the greatest musical stars of our era – Tonight we pay tribute to The BeeGees , Neil Diamond, Tina Turner, ABBA, Mick Jagger, Buddy Holly and Elvis ….Ladies and Gentlemen - this Is StarGaze !!”

A vibrant and energetic tribute production. Incorporating the major musical legends of our era.



Based in Warwickshire (United Kingdom) Warren regularly tours his solo concerts across Britain and Germany. He has played electric lead-guitar with many country, blues and rock ‘n’ roll shows and with his playing style comparable to Albert Lee and James Burton he is a popular choice.


Warren’s fast acoustic-lead style has seen him employed with many popular bluegrass groups and in addition to all of this he plays banjo with trad jazz and blues bands both at home in the UK and on the continent.


A homegrown bearded wonder from the deep dark depths of Worcester. Gracing the ears of the World with Reggae, Funk and Soul music.













The Test Pilots have been established for nearly 20 years and have performed all over the country. Their acoustic act consists of 3 original members of the band. They play a wide variety of songs from 50s through to present day in their own acoustic style. TTP.








Horror On The High Seas are a four piece band from Worcestershire. Formed in 2014 they blend the best elements of rock, punk and indie into their original material. The band are by turns angry, anthemic, savage and sing-a-long, leaving no stone unturned in producing emotional guitar music.


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